Vintage Photochromic Polarized Sunglasses

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Item Description:

  • Color 1-7 is ordinary HD polarized sunglasses.
  • Color 8-10 is Rapidly changing color sunglasses, changing with UV intensity.
  • Color 11-14 is night vision glasses.
  • Color 15-18 is day and night glasses.
  • Suit for: Men.
  • Frame Material: Alloy.
  • Lens Material: Polarized.


    Glasses maintenance:

    • Regardless of the eyeglass frame or the sunglasses, the right leg is first received and then the left leg is received during storage. The wrong way will cause the glasses to be balanced and skewed.
    • After removing the glasses, put the mirror face down into the glasses case, make sure that there are no particles in the glasses case, so as not to scratch the mirror surface, or put it in the glasses case after wrapping it with glasses cloth.
    • After wearing glasses for a long time, it may cause imbalance or even deformation, so it is recommended to take care of the glasses as much as possible.
    • Glasses should not be placed in high temperature, humid environment for a long time, such as under the car windshield, bathroom, kitchen, so as not to accelerate the aging of glasses.
    • Do not rub the lens lens on the object to avoid scratches.


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